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Effective and safe exfoliation treatment

Does your skin seem dull and lifeless? Healthy and vibrant skin can be attained by ridding yourself of the layer of dead cells on the surface of the skin. With dermaplaning, you can safely target fine lines, reduce scars, and regain smooth, soft, and bright skin.

Our certified cosmetic experts at Renew MD Facial Aesthetics have considerable experience dermaplaning men and women of all ages. We can help you, too. Feel free to contact us to schedule a session.

Who can undergo dermaplaning?

While this treatment is very safe for most, it’s best to wait if:

  • You have a skin infection
  • You have a serious acne outbreak
  • You have very sensitive skin

In these cases, our team will recommend alternative treatments for you. Dermaplaning is particularly beneficial for people with rosacea, as it can alleviate some of the symptoms of your condition.

Our skin experts have extensive experience in dermaplaning. After getting a consultation or a good faith exam with Dr. Gordon to determine if this procedure is right for you, we can schedule this treatment to leave your skin soft and smooth.

Is dermaplaning a complete replacement for skin exfoliation?

No, it is not. Dermaplaning is designed to work on the superficial layers of your skin, removing the peach fuzz on your face and the debris lodged in your pores. Exfoliators, facials, and peels are targeted at cleansing the deeper layers of your skin.

Dermaplaning can be a luxurious treatment on its own or a perfect add on to one of our custom facials, Hydrafacials, or chemical peels. Adding a dermaplaning to an existing treatment allows for a deeper penetration of products into the skin, as well as leaving a fresh and smooth glow to the skin that can prolong the beauty of our treatments.


The Dermaplaning procedure

Dermaplaning is a very safe and completely non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can get rid of vellus hair on your face, but in addition to removing your peach fuzz, dermaplaning is a great way to unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other debris on your face.

When you come to the treatment, don’t wear any make-up or topical lotions. The procedure starts with your provider cleaning your face using gentle cleansers. Next, they will use a fresh and sterilized surgical blade to gently shave-off peach fuzz and dead cells. Our medical provider works section-by-section, carefully clearing away all the debris coating your face and trapped in your pores. Dermaplaning is not only limited to the skin on your face, but can also be used down to your neck area, as well.

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As the dermaplaning proceeds, a fine line of brown/black debris starts to appear on your face. This is the material that was present on your skin. Our staff clears up this debris and moves onto the next section, leaving behind flawless, clean, and smooth skin.

If you think that your facial hair might come back darker or thicker after dermaplaning, don’t worry. Vellus hair works differently compared to other body hair and it doesn’t return thicker or darker.

Can you do dermaplaning at home?

A better question is “should” you. While there are products available for you to remove peach fuzz at home, it can be difficult to do a good job. Many people develop severe skin infections and acne because they haven’t followed the right techniques to remove vellus hair.

By trusting a trained specialist like Dr. Gordon with dermaplaning, you ensure that you get the perfect cosmetic results, without developing infections. Our doctor uses medically-mandated tools and follows globally-benchmarked hygiene practices to keep your skin safe and help you get the outcomes you want. You can trust us with your skin health.

Dermaplaning at Renew MD Facial Aesthetics

If you’d like to schedule a dermaplaning treatment at our Southlake, Texas med spa, contact us today. Typically, it is recommended that you schedule dermaplaning once every 2-4 weeks, depending on the rate of peach fuzz growth and your exposure to pollutants and chemicals. Our team of specialists can develop a dermaplaning schedule that meets your requirements and lifestyle.

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