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Dysport for glabellar lines

Have you noticed persistent deep lines between your eyebrows? Often, lines between the brows are signs that your skin is losing its elasticity and structural strength. Dysport is a unique injectable, formulated specifically to treat glabellar/forehead lines.

Dr. Alexis Gordon is highly-experienced in administering Dysport and you can get her help to reduce forehead lines.

What is Dysport made of?

The glabellar region encompasses the section of your forehead between your eyes. Dysport is an FDA-approved injectable that can be used to effectively diminish the appearance of glabellar lines.

Dysport is formulated using abobotulinumtoxinA, produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. This strain of toxin belongs to the family of Botulinum toxins, which are used to formulate other anti-wrinkle injectables like Botox.

When used in really small quantities, Dysport can help stop the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines in the forehead region. Dysport is a neural inhibitor that stops neural impulses that stimulate muscle contraction.

How does Dysport work?

Normally, your brain releases neural signals that stimulate muscle contractions in your forehead. Dysport inhibits these neural signals and prevents them from reaching the muscle ensuring there is no muscle contraction. In essence, it temporarily paralyzes the muscles in the forehead, ensuring that your skin doesn’t wrinkle and causes the formation of glabellar lines.

Not only this, but Dysport is specifically designed to soften the appearance of lines already in existence. As muscles continue to experience constant contraction and relaxation, the lines on your skin deepen, causing severe wrinkles. By preventing neural signals from reaching the glabellar muscles, Dysport ensures that existent forehead lines don’t worsen.

A single treatment can make a significant difference in the appearance of forehead and frown lines. Contact us to schedule a consultation.


The Dysport difference

Although Dysport and Botox are both neural inhibitors, the effects they have on your skin are slightly different. Botox is more an all-around injection, but Dysport is especially intended for glabellar lines. This makes Dysport more suited if you want an isolated treatment for moderate to severe glabellar lines.

Dysport is reported to be one of the fastest-acting injectables available. If you have a special event planned and are in need of faster results, Dysport may be right for you.

Injecting Dysport

The Dysport injection process is an in-clinic treatment. At the beginning of the treatment, Dr. Gordon marks the areas of your forehead to be treated with Dysport.

She carefully measures the number of Dysport units needed. It’s important to remember that Dysport and other neural inhibiting injectables don’t have a comparable dosage and after your consultation, we will determine how many units you will need for the treatment.

Then, using a fresh syringe, Dr. Gordon gently injects the Dysport into the pre-identified areas of your forehead.

It is recommended scheduling any injectables at least two weeks or more prior to any big event or occasion.

How long does Dysport take to work?

The Dysport treatment can take about 2-4 days to show initial effects. During the first few days after the treatment, your forehead may have minor swelling and may feel tender, but these will subside soon.

Within a week, you’ll notice a gradual change in your forehead’s appearance. There will be fewer lines and within a month or so, your forehead will start to look smoother.

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After the treatment, you may experience a mild headache, and that is completely normal. You must not wrinkle your face too much for a day or two after the treatment so that the effects of the newly-injected Dysport aren’t lost.

Dysport lasts for about 3-4 months after the injection. After this, you may start to notice minor lines appearing on your forehead. In that case, you can always contact Dr. Gordon at Renew MD Facial Aesthetics for a follow-up Dysport injectable session.

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