Lashes & Waxing

Lash Extensions

Say goodbye to mascara and sport long, thick lashes and a renewed confidence.

None of our patients that enjoy our lash extensions look the same. That is because our lash artist, Amanda, creates customized fans that match perfectly with your natural eyelashes. The result: your lashes look natural, but with a boost of volume and length. Amanda takes the time at each appointment to consult our patients to give them the desired length and curl. Lash extensions, when properly applied, are safe on your natural lashes.

Amanda goes over proper care for optimal life of lashes and educates her patients on the dos and don’ts of sporting lash extensions. The lash extensions are filled every 2-3 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle.

Waxing (upper lip and brow)

Traditional hair removal methods like threading and tweezing pull out hair only from the surface. As a result, hair roots remain lodged under the skin and cause hair to grow back quickly.

Our upper lip and brow waxing treatments remove hair gently right from the root, allowing you to sport silky smooth skin for anywhere between 3-6 weeks. Your subsequent treatment will depend on how quickly the hair grows back. While waxing is only a semi-permanent solution, you will notice diminished hair growth after a few regular treatment cycles.

Following your treatment

We recommend you allow at least two weeks of hair growth before your next treatment, so the hair has grown back sufficiently for an efficient wax. There is no required downtime with our waxing treatment. Any sensitivity is temporary and clears up almost immediately.